3 Reasons Not To Attach Your Satellite Dish To Your Roof (And Where You Should)

Apr 13, 2022Blog, Roofing

3 Reasons Not To Attach Your Satellite Dish To Your Roof (And Where You Should)

3 Reasons Not To Attach Your Satellite Dish To Your Roof (And Where You Should)

Do you love flipping through the channels with a fresh bag of popcorn? If so, you need a satellite dish. When you think about installing a satellite dish, you probably think that it should be attached to a roof. However, this is not a good idea for several reasons. Here are three of the main reasons why you should not install your satellite dish on your roof, along with where you should attach it.


Any homeowner who has a satellite dish on their roof can testify that bad weather can interrupt their television viewing. Since the tallest thing on the roof is the satellite dish, it’s subjected to rain, wind and other inclement weather. Surprisingly, even worse than having your TV show disrupted is having the brackets loosened during high winds, which can cause severe roof damage.


One of the main issues when attaching a satellite dish to a roof is water leaking into your home. Consider how mounting anything to a roof involves drilling holes into it. If you mount your satellite dish onto asphalt shingles, it would be unstable, and would need to use metal brackets in securing the dish. When those brackets are secured through your shingles, this can lead to holes in the shingles and water entering into your house. Needless to say, holes in a roof? Bad.


It’s extremely important that you know what’s covered in your roof warranty. Consider that when you install a satellite dish on your roof, you’re accepting several types of risk. Think of it as giving your approval for damages to a specific area of the roof. If your dish wasn’t properly installed by the person that you hired, and there’s a leak where it was installed, it’s highly likely your warranty could be voided. Many warranties don’t cover repairs when the dish installment was done by a third party. Be sure to read the warranty guidelines when making a roof investment.


Often, roofing companies recommend installing the satellite dish on a pole mount. This mount is typically next to the home. But if you insist on attaching the dish to your house, choosing to ignore warranty guidelines, it is recommended to do it on the garage side. This is so you can protect your house if there’s an issue regarding the sealant that surrounds the mounting brackets. As well, many homeowners use the fascia for attaching their dish so that water and wind will be less of a problem than if the dish had been installed on the roof.


  • Be sure that the satellite post is secured by enough cement and that it’s level. It must be completely set before putting the dish onto it.
  • Ensure the dish is protected from critters crawling into it.
  • In most cases, a satellite TV company will not come to your home to uninstall your satellite dish if you stop using their service. This is to protect them from being liable for any roof damage. After a dish has been removed from a roof, only a highly qualified roofing specialist should be used for patching up holes in a roof or for installing a new roof.


Installing a satellite dish on your roof will create holes which can lead to leaks, along with other problems. If you need to have your satellite dish removed from your roof or need information about our wide range of roof installation services, contact us and schedule a free roof consultation.