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Copper Cat is a great solution to help prevent the growth of algae, mold, moss and more on your shingles. It works by applying a copper strip to your roof that comes in contact with the water when it rains, snows etc. The water’s interaction with copper prevents the growth of the algae, mold, moss etc.

Copper Cat is an environmentally friendly solution that uses natural organic chemistry to fight natural organic issues. It will renew and extend the life cycle of your roof, helping it look great for years.

It is preferable to zinc as it’s 20 times stronger, cleans the entire slope of the roof, is more aesthetically pleasing, is reusable, doesn’t warp and is durable, prolongs water contact to maximize the results of released ions and more.

They also have a high quality cleaning solution that helps eliminate existing moss, mold, algae and mildew streaking.  It’s a full-strength cleaner that contains proprietary CO-OXIDE TECHNOLOGY. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

To learn more about Copper Cat and how it can improve your roof, please contact Happy Home Roofing today.

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Copper Cat Installed On Residential Roof
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Copper Cat Installed On Roof
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We maintain multiple financing options – We can find the right choice for you.

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How soon can you be here?

In most situations, we’ll be there within 48 hours.

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What Area Do You Cover?

We serve Franklin County, York County, and Adams County.

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What Warranty Can I Expect?

We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty.

We maintain multiple financing options – We can find the right choice for you.
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