The Most Popular Roof Types in Waynesboro (And How To Choose the Right One)

May 10, 2023Blog, Roofing, Waynesboro

Commercial Roof Repair

Although rarely the first thing you notice, a roof says a lot about a home’s style. It plays a major role in the structure of a house, as well as its exterior aesthetic. Take a look at these popular roof types to help you choose the best roof design for your Waynesboro home.

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Dormer Roof

A dormer is a window that extends outward from the sloped side of a roof. This outcropping is capped with its own roof, which could be pitched, arched, or flat. Incorporating dormer windows into your roof design allows natural light and airflow into the upper areas of a home while adding interest and dimension to the roofline.

Dutch Colonial Roof

Gambrel roofs slope down symmetrically on two sides, first at a gentle angle and then at a much steeper slope. These steeply sloped roof sides are characteristic of Dutch Colonial houses. This type of roof often covers most of the two exterior sides of a home’s second floor, which makes roofing material and color choices very noticeable from the curb. Wood shingles and shakes are beautiful natural roofing material options but check for fire-retardant treatments for these natural materials. Alternatively, consider a synthetic substitute such as laminated composition shingles that have a shake-like profile.

Flat Roof

Most often seen on contemporary-style homes, flat roofs can’t typically be seen from the street but require heavy-duty roof materials. While appearance isn’t a concern, ensuring that water quickly rolls off the slight slope is critical. If you live in a cold climate, make sure you also pick a roofing material that can bear a significant snow load.

Gable Roof

The most straightforward version of a gable roof involves a pitched triangular roof with two sloping sides. Commonly, the sides slope along the front and back of the home, and the triangular gable can be seen from the side. The elegant home exterior is distinguished by timeless traditional features, including brick siding and dark shutters. Gently sloping gable roofs are commonly used on ranch-style houses to make the rooftop less noticeable from the street. When choosing a roofing material, it’s smart to choose a color and texture that blends with your siding. The rough texture and muted color of the cedar-shingle siding on this home are complemented by the roof’s gray-brown shingles.

Hip Roof

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Hip roofs are one of the most common roof styles you see on homes today. This roof shape features four sloping sides that come together to form a peak or ridge along the top. It’s often combined with other features, such as the dormer windows on this home, that add extra storage or living space under the roof.

Skillion Roof Style

A skillion roof, also called a lean-to, is sloped in only one direction, creating a roof shape with dramatic angles. This style can be applied to specific areas of a roof or across an entire home to create a bold, contemporary home exterior. Skillion roofs also sometimes combine various angles across different sections of the roof for a more dynamic look. This type of roof works well in areas that receive heavy rain or snowfall because its steep pitch allows for quick runoff.

How Do I Choose The Best Roof For Me?

To determine the right roofing style and material for your home and lifestyle, we recommend focusing on these seven important factors and considering what is most important for you and your home:

  • Roof Slope
  • Architectural Authenticity
  • Weather Endurance
  • Long-Term Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Material Weight
  • Price Range

Selecting the right roofing material for your home can be a challenge, but Happy Home Roofing is here to help facilitate your decision-making. Call or contact us today to talk about your roofing project in Waynesboro, PA, and get a free estimate, or any nearby communities.