Joe’s House


When you have a beautiful home, you want a roof that will compliment that appearance for years to come. This homeowner had several quotes, but ultimately decided to work with Happy Home because of the value and solution to the present roofing system issues. This homeowner, like many of our clients, is one we are proud to have a long term relationship with and look forward to our yearly roof inspections to not only ensure the roof is still performing, but to catch up for a moment with a friend. This homeowner opted for:


  • Atlas StormMaster shingles to increase the roof life and to eliminate the black streaks on the existing roof
  • Installing Copper Cat in strategic locations to eliminate the potential of moss and lichen growth in the future
  • Having a system that clearly laid out the detail and additional steps that would be taken to improve the life of the new roof
  • Working with a contractor that focused on education and answering questions over pressure and hard sales techniques



  • Roof Replacement
  • Shingle Roofing
  • Roof Maintenance


  • Atlas StormMaster
  • Copper Cat roof cleaning system
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