Pick The Best Shingle Color For Your Roof In 2022

May 11, 2022Blog, Roofing

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Pick The Best Shingle Color For Your Roof In 2022

When it comes to home design, it can easily become overwhelming. We’ve all stood in our living room looking at a dozen paint swatches on the wall unable to decide which one to choose. How in the world do you pick the best shingle color for your roof?

Your roof makes up 40% of your home but can easily be one of the most neglected areas when it comes to design. In this article, we are going to give you 6 tips to help you pick the best roof color for your home.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Oftentimes, we fear making the wrong choice when it comes to design, so we play it safe, and stick with what we currently have. You’re used to the look, and it’s difficult to imagine it any other way. But would you go back to having the same hairstyle you had 25 years ago? For most people, it’s doubtful. So why would you keep the same, outdated roof?

Unless you love the current color of your home, stay open-minded about change. The best shingle color for your roof is out there!

Look At Roofs In Your Neighborhood

Take a look at your neighbors’ roofs. Do you want to stay within a similar style to blend in? Or do you prefer to stand out? No matter which direction you go, make your roof represent you.

Bonus Tip: If your home has neighborhood regulations (i.e., HOA) and is limited on the options for your shingle colors, consider decorating your porch to incorporate your personal style: colorful pillows, plants, etc.

Do Some Research

We are lucky to have a plethora of creative ideas at our fingertips! Get on Pinterest to search the style of house you have and gather a ton of ideas. For instance, if you have a red brick house, search “red brick house”. Be sure to save your pins to a board, keeping all your ideas in one place.

Another social media platform to find the best shingle color for your home would be Instagram. Utilize the hashtags to find inspiration: #redbrickhouse (insert your style of house), #exteriordesign, etc.

Although social media can be a rabbit hole, it is an excellent tool to find inspiration for exterior design.

Use A Digital Design Studio

To build an extra layer of confidence, upload a photo of your home into the Atlas Roofing Visualizer to find the best shingle for your home. In a matter of seconds, you can view multiple styles and colors. How cool is that?

View Shingle Samples

This is a crucial step in the design process. If you are a fan of online shopping, you understand that sometimes things are not as they appear. Oftentimes, your roofing consultant will carry samples to your initial appointment. Take the shingle color samples outside to view. The sunlight will alter the way the color looks. If it’s a dreary day, the color may look slightly blue whereas, on a bright and sunny day, the shingle color sample may appear warmer.

Keep this in mind when you are looking at color options online. Bring the sample to your home, hold it up to the exterior, and see how you like the match.

Consult A Designer

We know this can be a difficult process. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by selecting a shingle color for your home, hire a designer. A designer is a trained professional who understands the current trends and what styles will maintain over time. Your roof can last another thirty years – you want to make the best choice today.

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