5 Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofs for Hagerstown Homeowners

Feb 2, 2023Blog, Hagerstown, Metal Roofing, Roofing

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You have so many options to consider when you’re looking for a new roof for your Hagerstown home. If a standing seam metal roof is one such option, please take a look at this list of benefits that a standing seam roof can provide for you.

Weather-Tight, Long-Lasting, Durable

Standing Seam Metal Roofing- Happy Home Roofs

There are two types of fastening systems that are available when you purchase a metal roof, concealed fastener or exposed fastener. Standing seam panels are considered concealed fastener metal roofing panels. This is the most weather-tight roofing system. Understanding the differences between these two systems is the first step in deciding which type of metal panel is best for your residential roof.

Standing seam metal roofing is often referred to as a “lifetime roof”, meaning you should only need to purchase one roof in your life for your house. It’s a long-term investment. Standing seam metal roofing can last 40-70 years. Metal is able to withstand harsh climates and even winds up to 140 mph. It will not collapse under its own weight during a snowstorm or torrential rain.

Fire Resistance

A metal roof is your first line of defense against your house burning to the ground. Metal roofing isn’t combustible and when installed correctly, the standing seam will have a Class A fire rating. This indicates roofing is able to withstand severe exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building. In addition, roofs that have a Class A fire rating often cost less to insure. In the same way that a brick or stone home cost less to insure than a wood home, a metal roof is less expensive when compared to shingles. Having a metal roof reduces the risk to insure the property, and those savings are passed back to the customer.

Less Maintenance

Concealed fasteners are the main reason that standing seam requires less maintenance than other types of metal roofing panels. Because the fasteners are concealed, they aren’t exposed to the weather. This means that there aren’t any washers on the screws that will break down and need to be replaced. Expansion and contraction are not issues with a standing seam roof. Therefore, you won’t have the headache of climbing on your roof periodically, checking to make sure the fasteners have not backed out, and then re-tightening them. As all roofs require regular maintenance, it’s still recommended to do maintenance at least once a year.

Color Choices

standing seam metal roof, Hagerstown

Standing seam metal roofing colors are typically available in a paint system that’s widely available for use on metal roofing panels. Standing seam roofs can last for 50 years or longer, and you need a paint system that matches the performance of the roofing panel. Color fades at a less rapid rate with a PVDF paint system. This is why all of the bright and vibrant colors are PVDF paint. A lesser quality paint like an SMP paint system usually allows for 6-12 color options. By contrast, a PVDF-painted standing seam metal roof has endless color options to choose from.

Energy Efficiency

Most standing seam panels are considered a “Cool Metal Roof”. Most if not all metal roofs are considered to be energy efficient. The main advantage of a cool roof is the money you will save on energy costs. When you have a “cool metal roof”, it can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than dark asphalt shingles. This will lessen the load off your air conditioner and save you money on your monthly electric bill.

If you’re reading to see what standing seam roofs can do for you, call Happy Home Roofing today!