We use only the best products to ensure your roof lasts for decades.

Some of the products we use to ensure a quality roof:

Products 1
  • The double-sided copper strip is 20x stronger than zinc strips.
  • The copper oxidizes and eventually blends with 90% of shingle colors for a neat and clean look.
  • Uses the natural process of water interacting with copper to release ions that prevent growth of algae, mold, moss, etc. on shingles Works on new or existing roofs made of asphalt, cedar, slate, etc.
Products 2
  • When you install an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System, all of the components are designed and backed by an Atlas warranty.
  • Copper content in the shingles prevents streaking caused by algae
  • Unlike many other roofing warranties that promise more than they deliver, Atlas packs value and assurance into an enhanced Premium Protection Period with the installation of an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System.
Products 3
  • Concealed Fastening (CF) system makes roofs more reliable, watertight and durable.
  • Innovative interlocking
  • International test reports
  • Fast and easy installation
  • CF Shingle: A traditional shingle look with high-performance features.
  • CF Shake: The rustic charm of traditional shake with CF features.
Products 4
  • Ultra-dimensional look of premium roof tiles
  • Tough single-piece construction
  • Resistant to cracking and fading
  • No granules. No asphalt.
  • Class 4 hail rated
  • 130-mpg wind rated
  • Class A fire rated
  • Solid ROI includes potential insurance savings and increased home value
Products 5
  • Prevents gutters from getting clogged 
  • Helps prevent water stagnation and infestation
  • Keeps dry debris out of gutters that can be a fire hazard
  • Helps prevent serious damage from ice damming
  • No need to climb on top of your roof to dangerously clean your clogged and dirty gutters
  • Keeps out common debris such as leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, nests, rodents, pollen, oak tassels, tasphalt grit, roof granules and more.
Products 6

We maintain multiple financing options – We can find the right choice for you.

Products 7

How soon can you be here?

In most situations, we’ll be there within 48 hours.

Products 8

What Area Do You Cover?

We serve Franklin County, York County, and Adams County.

Products 9

What Warranty Can I Expect?

We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty.

We maintain multiple financing options – We can find the right choice for you.
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