Maintenance Package

Annual Maintenance Package Features:

  1. Complete a thorough 29-point inspection to review roof’s life expectancy:
    • Inspection includes examining chimney flashing, checking for proper water flow and ventilation, and diagnosing issues and/or leaks.
  2. Reseal all penetration points, pipe jacks, flashings and counter-flashings
  3. Refasten loose membranes
  4. Inspect fascia and soffits around exterior of home
  5. Inspect and secure drip edge
  6. Clear debris from roof and valleys
  7. Secure loose shingles and address nail pops
    • *nail pops are commonly an indication of ventilation issues.
      We will inspect & review, but repairs to your ventilation system are not included.
  8. Report on cracks in chimney stucco and/or bricks, if applicable
  9. Inspect gutters for proper water flow and pitch
  10. Document findings in Company Cam as a live photo link
One visit per year
Package is dependent upon size & difficulty of roof
Payment collected after job completion

Membership Benefits:

Priority appointments

5% off qualified repairs

One year workmanship warranty on all qualified repairs

Discount on gutter cleanings/adjustments during inspections

FREE premium upgrades for roof replacements!

No hassle guarantee (cancel anytime)

Leak repairs, replacement of boots and other materials are not included. Areas of concern will be reviewed with homeowner and can be completed for additional (discounted) costs.