Interesting Things About Hagerstown

Hagerstown might be a small town, but it is one with an incredibly rich and fascinating history. What might appear as a sleepy Maryland town will surprise many when they come to learn all the exciting things that took place here. If you’re interested in learning about this fascinating little town, then carry on ready as we unpack some of its incredible histories.

Hagerstown, MD interesting facts

Crossroads For The Civil War

Hagerstown was a strategic location for fighters from the North and South. It was the location for several battles, many significant battalions passed through the area, and several war strategies were determined within its borders. Today visitors can visit several of the Civil War’s prominent battlefields in Hagerstown.

Up For Ransom

Hagerstown was one of the few cities in Maryland to be ransomed by the Confederate Army. The Confederate Brigadier General John McCausland Jr. and his troops threatened the people of Hagerstown to pay a sum of $20,000 as well as 1500 suits for his troops; otherwise, they’d set light to the town. The town’s people reluctantly paid the ransom and the Confederate troops left.

Railroad Hub City Hagerstown, MD

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The Hub City

Hagerstown was nicknamed “The Hub City” due to the many railroads that ran through or passed by the town. The first railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio, passed by the city, and thanks to its role in the Civil War, Hagerstown became a center for trade and industry.

Industrial Boom

The city of Hagerstown experienced a massive industrial boom during World War I. Thanks to all the railroads passing through the town, with many of them making the town a principal stop, many businesses thought it would be a good idea to set up shop in the city. This influx of companies led to a significant increase in imports, exports, and manufacturing in Hagerstown. This industrial boom would continue well into the period of World War II, especially with the help of Fairchild Aviation, which made Hagerstown its base.

If you’re planning a vacation to Hagerstown or reside here and want to have a good time, here are some of the greatest spots to visit in Hafgerstown.